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Can Howie Mandel's Phobia of Germs Be Cured in an Hour?

Can Howie Mandel's Phobia of Germs Be Cured in an Hour?Howie Mandel’s phobia of germs is well documented, but can the star be cured of his fears in just an hour? The comedian, author and television personality joins The Doctors to find out if he can put his fears behind him. “This is a battle that I fight every waking moment of my life,” he shares, explaining that his phobias are symptomatic of his obsessive compulsive disorder.

Dirty Restaurant Horror Stories Exposed!

Dirty Restaurant Horror Stories Exposed!Is your favorite restaurant hiding some serious sickening secrets? The Doctors asked our readers to share some of their dirty dining stories, and the shocking details might inspire you to cook at home for the foreseeable future!

Can Mouthwash Kill Gonorrhea?

Can Mouthwash Kill Gonorrhea?Could the mouthwash we use for fresher breath help to kill the bacteria in oral gonorrhea? The Doctors weigh in on a recent study from Monash University that tested 58 male volunteers who had detectable levels of throat gonorrhea. Half of the participants were given saltwater, the other half were given a mouthwash and it appears that the mouthwash reduced the detectable amount of gonorrhea bacterium in the mouth significantly compared to the saltwater.

My Jaw Is Destroying My Life

My Jaw Is Destroying My LifeFor one woman, something she would normally use every day – her jaw – is tearing her life apart! She has come to The Doctors seeking relief from her constant pain and subsequent dependency on pain pills.

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