Email Information

Each USA2net subscriber receives up to 5 complimentary email addresses at no additional charge. You can choose any prefix you like for your address. The suffix is always For example, if you would like your username to be johndoe, your full USA2net email address would be

Email is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week via POP3 and IMAP with any compatible email client as well as through our website's Webmail service. To see a list of popular compatible email clients, click here.

If you are a current USA2net subscriber and would like to sign up for a free complimentary email account, please contact us and have your name, account number, and address ready for verification.


All email accounts are set up via telephone.


You may also sign up for a free email provider or continue to use your existing Yahoo, AOL, MSN/Live/, or Google email account without having to switch. Please note that technical support will be unable to provide assistance for non-USA2net email accounts.

Server Information

You can access your email account with your preferred email client via POP3 or IMAP. You will need the following information:

POP Account Setup

POP Server:
Port: 110

SMTP Server:
Port: 25

IMAP Account Setup

IMAP Server:
Port: 143

SMTP Server:
Port: 25

Note that our mail servers requires username information to be entered in lower-case text.

You may use SSL for your POP (port 995) or IMAP (port 993) connection and TLS or STARTTLS (port 587) for your SMTP connection if your email client supports it.

See our email section for setup guides for the most common email clients.

If you are not using your USA2net Internet connection, you will need to configure your email client appropiately. See our Email Away from Home section for information on accessing your email account.

You can also set up your email on your smartphone such as iPhone, Blackberry or Droid. See our email on your smartphone section.

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