Personal Webspace

You always receive a free complimentary 5-megabyte personal webspace along with your USA2net Dialup or FastTrack subscription. Use this space for anything you like - personal websites, community pages, a space to hold pictures, anything you choose! The only thing we ask is that you do not place your business-related content on your USA2net personal webspace; we offer separate hosting options to meet all of your business needs.


Basic Server Information

Host Server Name/IP:
Login Name: your_username
Password Name: your_password
Remote Storage Folder: /public_html/


Note: Your username is the first portion of your email address (your email address without the; your webspace password will match the corresponding email address password. For more in-depth information, see below.


Webspace Usage

For a walkthrough of accessing your personal webspace with AceFTP 3 Free, please click here. If using a program other than AceFTP 3 Free to transfer your files, you will need to login to "" with your email login name and password. Files that you wish to be accessible over the internet must be stored in the /public_html/ folder of your webspace. If your files are not stored here, they will NOT be viewable from the internet - you will get a "Page Cannot Be Found" error message from your browser. Also, files stored remotely with USA2net (or any webspace provider) are case-sensitive. "ThisFile.JPG" is not the same as "thisfile.jpg" - make sure that you use the correct case when linking to your pages and files.

When building a personal website, the site can be accessed by browsing to - just replace the "yourloginhere" with your email login name. Make sure that your main page is named either "index.html" or "index.htm" so that your website will load automatically each time the URL is typed in. Check out our Links section for information regarding the construction of websites, advanced FTP transfers, downloads, and more!

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