AceFTP Guide

AceFTP 3 Free Guide

Before proceeding with this section, make sure that you have reviewed the Personal Webspace section of our website and that you have already installed AceFTP 3 Free. Also, understand that USA2net does not provide support for AceFTP 3 Free, nor does USA2net provide HTML training. If you wish to learn more about FTP sites, building websites with HTML, etc, please reference the Links section or do a search on Google for HTML help.

Download AceFTP 3 Free

AceFTP 3 Free is a freeware, full-featured FTP client. Visicom Media, the makers of AceFTP 3, requires registration in order to download, but you can opt out of future mailings. In testing, USA2net and its personnel have yet to receive mailings of any type from Visicom Media or its associates. Click the link below to read more about AceFTP 3 Free and to download.

Account Setup

After installing AceFTP 3 Free, click on the connect button and then click New Site Profile. This will start the site profile wizard where we will setup your USA2net webspace.

Make the window on your screen match the one above substituting your User ID and password. User ID's and Passwords must always be entered in lower case letters, and they must not include the portion of your email address. Note that unchecking the Save Password box will force entry of the password each time you wish to login to your FTP space - this is a good technique to keep unwanted parties from accessing your FTP space from your computer. After clicking Next, you'll be taken to another window. Make that screen match the one below:

This step is very important as files that are uploaded to your USA2Net FTP space *MUST* be placed in the /public_html/ folder to be accessible over the internet. By setting up your account in this manner, you ensure that every file you transfer is accessible over the internet. Click Finish to complete the wizard.

Congratulations! You have now setup your USA2net Webspace account!

AceFTP 3 Free Usage

To login to your USA2net Webspace, click the connect button, then double-click on your USA2net webspace in the profile list.Once connected, you should see a screen similar to this:

Important things to note are the left and right panels, and the two arrow buttons in the middle of the screen. The left panel is your local computer. It is in this panel that you will browse through your computer to select files to transfer to your USA2net FTP space. The right panel is your USA2net FTP space. In the example above, there are no files currently in the FTP space. The two arrow buttons allow you to transfer files back and forth between your computer and your FTP space.

Now, we're going to transfer some files from your computer to your USA2net webspace. First, browse for the files you'd like to transfer in the left-side pane and highlight them.

Once you've highlighted the files (or folders) that you would like to transfer to your FTP space, click on the --> button. This will transfer the highlighted files to the right pane (your FTP space). Once the transfer is complete, you should see the files appear in the right pane as illustrated below:

You could also transfer files from your FTP space to your computer by doing the reverse; select the files for transferring in the right-side pane, then click on the <-- button to transfer to your computer. You can also transfer files to and from your webspace by using Drag and Drop from within a Windows Explorer window.Once you've transferred all the desired files, end the session and logoff from the USA2net webspace by clicking the Disconnect button.


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