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USA2net Webmail Frequently Asked Questions

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Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding USA2net's Webmail client interface powered by RoundCube.

Q: I am getting an error that says "Unable to move file" when trying to delete a message. How do I fix this?

A: To do so, please navigate to Settings > Special Folders. Inside of here, ensure that "Trash" is set to a specific option. If you see "---" then click the drop-down box and select "Trash" and then click on Save.

Q: How do I delete all messages in USA2net's Webmail client?

A: To delete all messages at once, please select a folder and apply the "Empty" action from the bottom of the left frame.

Q: How do I create a new folder in USA2net's Webmail client?

A: To create a new folder, please navigate to Settings > Folders tab.

Q: How do I setup a Signature in USA2net's Webmail client?

A: To setup a Signature, please navigate to Settings > Identities > (your email address) > Signature

Q: Is there a way to change the number of messages displayed on one page?

A: To do so, please navigate to Settings > Preferences > Rows per page > (input number of messages you want displayed per page).

Q: Is there an automated way to clean my Trash folder?

A: Yes it possible to delete all your Trash automatically by going into your Settings > Server Settings > and check "Clear Trash on logout" under the Maintenance section.

Q: How many recipients can I send to at once with the USA2net Webmail client?

A: We support a maximum of 10 recipients for each email sent. If you require more than 10 at a time, you may want to consider signing up for a free mailing list service at http://www.yourmailinglistprovider.com/

Q: How can I change the fonts or colors of my text when I am composing a message?

A: Click on "Create a new message." Where it says "Editor type" change the field from "Plain text" to "HTML." Once you have done this, you should see a familiar interface to change different options for your text such as the font colors, size, and other text editing features.

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