FastTrack Internet Frequently Asked Questions

USA2net offers its FastTrack High-speed Internet in most areas serviced by Florida Cable. FastTrack features high speed Internet access, email access, unrestricted access to the world-wide-web and best of all, affordable pricing.*

*pricing varies depending on level of cable TV service


FastTrack Internet Features

Your FastTrack Internet account features all of the following:

  • Always-on high speed Internet access
  • Unrestricted access to the world-wide-web
  • Up to 5 separate complimentary e-mail accounts
  • 5-megabyte personal webspace
  • Free local technical support for Internet related issues


Frequently Asked Questions

What is FastTrack and how does it work?

FastTrack provides Internet access via cable modems. It's the latest in high speed Internet access. FastTrack employs state of the art cable modem technology to provide high speed data transmission over the existing cable TV infrastructure. In other words, instead of connecting to the Internet via telephone lines, FastTrack allows you to connect your computer to the Internet via the same coaxial cable that you plug into your television.

What is a cable modem?

A cable modem is a device that provides high speed data access via cable TV networks. It has two connections; one to the cable wall outlet and the other to a computer. The modem translates cable signals the same way a telephone modem translates signals from a telephone line.

Am I in a FastTrack serviceable area?

If you already have cable television from Florida Cable, you probably are in our service area. Contact our marketing department at (800) 779-2788 or (352) 759-2788 for availability of service or pre-register for FastTrack here.

Will a cable modem affect my television reception?

Cable Modems use the same wires as your cable television; however cable modems operate at a separate frequency from that of your cable television channels. By operating at a separate frequency, the cable modem does not interfere with your television reception.

How fast is it?

Cable modems are much faster than a regular telephone modem, depending on what level of cable modem service you actually use. FastTrack's highest tier of service can transmit up to 9168Kbps as compared to a telephone modem, which, at best will transmit 28.8Kbps in most circumstances. That's almost 300x times as fast!

Is the cable modem like a hub or router?

The cable modem is not a hub or a router. It is more like a translator, which converts Ethernet (the transport mechanism of computer's) into radio frequency (the transport mechanism of television). It also acts as a filter so you won't overload the Ethernet side of the network with the traffic coming out of your computer.

How does a cable modem connect to my computer?

A cable modem connects to a computer through a device called an Ethernet card. This card provides connectivity between the cable and the computer and interprets the signaling from the cable modem so that your computer's software can display it correctly. See our self installation section for more information regarding connectivity to a computer.

What is an Ethernet card?

An Ethernet card is a high-speed data communications port for a computer. It provides the necessary speed of data exchange between FastTrack and a computer. It is an internal computer card that sits in one of the available slots in a computer. Most home computers do not have Ethernet cards as standard equipment.

Can I hook up more than one computer?

Yes, as many as you want at no additional charge, but you will need a Router.

What are the advantages of FastTrack Internet service?

  • High transmission speeds
  • Access is instant and constant - no dial ins or busy circuits
  • Better quality - less chance of problems caused through line static or interruptions
  • Multiple Users (including full cable TV) on a single coax connection
  • High speed gives you true multimedia capabilities

Can I watch TV while I surf the Internet?

Yes, you certainly can if you have a TV and a computer.

How much faster would FastTrack be than my dialup service?

Cable modem speeds range from 500Kbps to 10Mbps. So if your modem operates at about 28,000 bits per second and FastTrack's cable modems operate at 5,000,000 bits per second (for a difference of 4,720,000 bits per second), the cable modem is about 200 times faster.

Does FastTrack support email capabilities?

Yes, you can have up to five complimentary email addresses per account at no additional charge. For instructions on setting up email accounts, click here.

How does the email addressing work?

You can choose any prefix you like for your address. The suffix is always For detailed information see our email information page.

What about customer service and service calls?

FastTrack technical support is available during regular office hours (8am-5pm, Monday through Friday), during an evening shift from 7-10pm weeknights, and during multi-hour service blocks on both Saturdays and Sundays. You can reach us via telephone at (800)779-2788 or via email to For emergency technical assistance during non-business hours, you may leave a voice-mail message with our answering service. All calls and emails are responded to within 48 hours by the designated on-call technicians. Please note that Technical support is closed during all Federal holidays.

What exactly do I get with the service?

  • High speed access to the Internet
  • A listing of community content and information
  • Cable modem to use while a FastTrack subscriber
  • Exceptional customer service, online troubleshooting and support

Why is content slow to download on some websites?

FastTrack offers full, unrestricted access to the World Wide Web of the Internet. Content on the Internet does not have any set standards or performance requirements. As a result, access and speed of content being served varies quite a bit. In many instances, you will get immediate delivery of web sites.

Can I use a browser other than Internet Explorer?

Yes, the service will operate with any modern Internet browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, and more. Please note: USA2net does not offer customer support for browsers other than Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Does FastTrack support online gaming with consoles such as X-Box, X-Box 360, Wii and the Playstation 2/3?

Most certainly! FastTrack High-Speed Internet service is completely compatible with all gaming consoles that support broadband connections via ethernet adaptors, including the Playstation and X-Box systems. Just connect the wire from the cable modem into your gaming system, turn the system power on, and you're ready for online gaming from that point onward! There are no fees involved with this service - we view console game connections as a 2nd computer connection, and there are never additional monthly fees for multiple devices sharing the same connection!

Does FastTrack support online video streaming such as Netflix?

If you have a Netflix capable device such as a Wii, PlayStation 3, or a Netflix enabled TV/Blu-Ray player then you will be able to use Netflix with your Internet connection. Simply visit the Netflix website to find out how to enable your device's Netflix capabilities!


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