Email Troubleshooting - Server Timeouts / Duplicate Emails

Server timeouts typically occur when your email client, such as Outlook Express, do not receive a response from our email server. The most common cause of server timeouts are from email virus scanning by your virus protection on your computer, or due to a firewall blocking your email program's access to the Internet.

Sometimes you may receive duplicate emails when checking for messages. The most common cause for this is your anti-viruses email scanning option.

First, try disabling your email scanning in your antivirus program to see if the problem is corrected. Be sure to disable the email scanning component and not just the anti-virus program itself.

Disabling Email Scanning

For detailed information on how to disable email scanning for your antivirus software, see below:

If your antivirus is not listed here, please visit the support homepage of your antivirus program.

In some cases, you may need to adjust the server timeout setting in your email program. For users with Outlook Express, click Tools on the upper left, then go down to Accounts. Click the Mail tab at the top, then select your email account in the list below. Click Properties on the right, and then choose the Advanced tab. From there, you can adjust the server timeout length to 2-3 minutes, then click OK at the bottom.

If you are still unable to send or receive emails, you may need to disable your firewall software.

Disable Your Firewall

Still having trouble? See our email setup section to verify your server information is correct.

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