Outlook Express Setup

To setup a single email address, you can use our mail utility  to setup your USA2net email account within Outlook Express (note: if you have existing dialup or email accounts in use make sure to uncheck the box next to 'Remove existing dialup and email accounts' or you will delete your existing email setup information).

If you have identities setup, switch to the identity for which you want to add a mail account (if you don't have identities or aren't sure what an identity is, don't worry! Go on to the next step!)

Now, click on Tools, then Accounts to bring up the Internet Accounts window. Now Add, then choose Mail from the list that appears. You should now see the beginning screen of the Internet Connection Wizard:

Type your name as you would like it to appear to others in the line above, then click on Next.

Type in your full email address in the line above, then click on Next.

Make sure that your computer matches the above window exactly, then click on the Next button.

Put your user ID (the first part of your email address) in the Account name line, then type in your password in the Password line. Ensure that the Remember password checkbox has a check in it, and that there is no check in the 'Log on using SPA' checkbox (your email account won't work if this is checked!). Click on Next, then click on Finished, and you're set! Repeat these steps for any other identities you have, and you're finished.

Congratulations! You've just setup a new email account!

Problem? See our email troubleshooting section.


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